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In 2003 NEHRA formed a traffic working group to assess how excessive vehicle speed in the north eastern corner of Hayling might be better controlled.

The findings of the working group were documented in the Traffic Report 2003 but after a public meeting it was concluded there was insufficient support to make any changes.

However, the need for a safe village, for pedestrians, cyclists and horse riders remains.

Over 2 years ago, Karen Peacock resurrected concerns with the authorities. Hampshire County Council finally gave approval for Havant Bourough Council's Traffic Management Team to carry out a 'speed limit review'. They also gave permisssion for Havant to then implement any necessary changes to the existing Traffic Regulation Order and associated road markings and sinage.

As part of this review for Copse Lane /St Peters Road, the 'mean' speeds were recorded, the composition of road users, road geometry, impact on the community and recorded accidents were taken into account.

A public consultation then was held early in 2016. Following the support from local residents and local cuncillors, it was agreed that the speed limit would be reduced. As part of the process an application was made to the Department for Transport for authorisation to change the roundles on the road. This was finally received this Autumn 2016.

Alongside this process Karen Peacock also enlisted the support of our local police, who set up several speed check sessions.

Unfortunately Winchester Traffic management were unaware of the approved changes and this month re-painted the current speed limit roundels, by mistake.

Karen has been assured that this was a mistake and that by the end of 2016, the 30mph roundels will be painted.

Following the new speed limit being implemented, Karen has also requested that 'speed limit reminders' are deployed to flash at speeding drivers and that the police will return to implement speed checks.


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