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29 February 2008 - LATEST NEWS

We are pleased to say that our VDS was approved on the 28th February by Havant Borough Council. It is at the printers to be published.  We are expecting it to be available at the NEHRA AGM on Friday 4th April at 7.30pm, so please do come along and collect your own copy.

Alternatively, if more convenient for you, we are holding an open day on Saturday 5th April between 10.30am-3pm at Eastney Farmhouse, St Peters Road, Northney - opposite the Village Hall.

Copies will be delivered after this date, but we would like as many to be collected as possible to avoid damaging them going through letter boxes.  If you have any questions, please contact the team.

Fenella May, Project Coordinator

12 February 2008 - LATEST NEWS

The Executive Committee of Havant Borough Council approved our VDS on the 12th February. The final decision will be at the Full Council Meeting at the end of February.

Thanks to everyone for their support so far...
Fenella May, Project Coordinator

31 January 2008 - LATEST NEWS

Following a presentation to the Development Management Committee of Havant Borough Council this afternoon the VDS was unanamiously approved by the councillors.  It will now go forward to the Council Executive on the 12th February. It also received a recommendation for acceptance by the Planning Policy and Urban Design Manager.

17 January 2008 - LATEST NEWS

The above PDF document is the final copy of the Northney and Tye Village Design Statement, as approved by the Executive Management Team on the 8th January 2008 .  We intend this document to be used by planners and all other interested parties and also as a guide for residents when considering appropriate building designs.  

How was this VDS created?

This document has been produced by a core team of nine volunteers with input from various sources such as:
  • 2 Open Workshops held in the village, run by Phil Turner, RTPI Planning Aid South.
  • Every household has been surveyed and comments reviewed.
  • Open Day held in the Church, where we collated and acted on feedback received.
  • Copies regularly updated on our website, asking for comments and feedback throughout the project lifecycle.
  • Use of Hayling Islander newspaper to publicise the project.
  • Consultation with Phil Turner, Chichester Harbour Conservancy and Havant Borough Councils planners.

We have all enjoyed working on this project and learning more about our area - we hope you enjoy reading about it!



December 15, 2007: Latest news on the Village Design Statement 

Below is a summary of the update given to local residents at the NEHRA Cheese and Wine party, 7th December.

Two copies of the VDS were made available for people to look at during the evening, plus two presentation boards showed some of the best photographic prints.  The current copy of the VDS is also on this website.  Please note this is not the final layout, as the VDS publication will have a professional design and layout.

Some photos will be swapped over with better versions and/or removed when we go to print.  So far, three of the VDS Steering Group Team have spent two-three evenings a week for a good couple of months looking at hundreds of photos, trying to pick out the best, most suitable ones to illustrate our points.

We received three batches of comments from Havant Borough Council in ‘round one’ of  the official feedback.  As it went to about 25 key people, we take this as good news!  These are being reviewed by the team and will be discussed with the HBC on the 19th December.

An updated version has to be back with the Council for 2nd January, in time for the Havant Borough Council’s Executive Management Team review on 8th January.  This means we have a busy Christmas ahead of us!

Further Council meetings will take place in January and February, when the VDS is presented to the Development Control Committee and a Full Council Executive meeting where it should be ratified.  There is a possibility that we will have to make some presentations to the Council during this period to explain what our VDS is all about and how it was created. 

Our aim is to publish by 31st March to get our promised grant for £1.5k from Chichester Harbour Conservancy.  We are currently looking at printers and graphic design companies and these are the main costs we face before completion.  If anyone runs a printing business and would like to do us a good deal or sponsor us we would be most glad to hear from you.

The website has proved a useful tool for people to find out how we are progressing, and looking at the VDS.  Approximately 30-40 people have looked at the individual sections, and over 20 have downloaded the full 19meg version!

Finally, a big thank you to all of the team for their work so far and for what is to come. 


Latest on the VDS - November 2007

The above copy of the VDS has now been submitted to the council and relevant authorities for approval.

Latest on the VDS - August 2007

Work is continuing on finalising the VDS text and photographs.   If you have any good ones of your house, or area around you, we'd love to see them!  Please to contact us asap.

Latest on the VDS - November 2006

Many thanks to the 95 people who visited the Ark on the 10th November to looked at the draft VDS. The feedback has been excellent, and we are now in the process of reviewing all your comments and suggestions for inclusion.  Over 100 people have read the VDS online. 


Fenella May, Project Coordinator


Latest on the VDS - January 2006

Look at Northney and Tye in a different light

Many a photo was taken last autumn in north east Hayling and plenty more will be needed over the next few months.

That's because a group of residents in Northney and Tye are working hard to put together the first draft of a new Village Design Statement for the area and photos will play an important part in it. Every picture will illustrate a fact.

A Village Design Statement sets out the local design and character of an area and the aim is to get it adopted by the local council as a supplementary planning document. In the future it could help to guide those taking planning and development decisions to ensure that change will be in keeping with the area.

The project kicked off with two workshops held in Northney Village Hall in late September and October and were well attended by local residents. Phil Turner of Planning Aid, based at Winchester , led the workshops and showed everyone how to look at the area with a fresh pair of eyes.

At the first workshop groups went out around armed with cameras and notebooks to take a new look at the features of the area. They did a mini survey of buildings and landscapes, views and roads, church and shoreline, all of which go to make up the character of Northney and Tye. From the information gathered they have started to build up a picture of the area.

Although the Village Design Statement has got to include detailed descriptive text to cover buildings and development, roads and footpaths, the landscape, natural features and environmental issues, this all needs to be illustrated by photos and drawings.

If you have any recent photos that might be applicable, especially ones of your home without a car in the drive or parked in front, the VDS steering group would like to see them. Quality digital photos are ideal but good quality prints could be used.

Drawings could also be useful, so any artists (aspiring or otherwise) please get in touch with Judith Millman on 023 9246 1802, or Fenella May on 023 9246 0933 or email us


The following is a News article which appeared in the Hayling Islander Sept 2005


Time for North East Hayling residents to give their views  

The launch of a new initiative will give residents in North East Hayling the chance to make a difference to the future of the area in which they live.

Following agreement in a meeting of the North East Hayling Residents Association, a group of residents have come together to produce a Village Design Statement. This will cover Northney and the surrounding area.

A Village Design Statement sets out the local design and character of an area and can help to influence changes in the future and ensure planning proposals are in keeping with the area. It gives a local community a voice in the planning process and enables priorities to be considered in its development.

From the experience of other villages in Hampshire, including Emsworth, a Village Design Statement can aid local council planners, architects, developers and builders, as well as providers of utilities and services.

North East Hayling residents are being asked for their involvement, which starts with a questionnaire delivered to each house, seeking personal views about Northney village and the neighbouring area. Topics covered include buildings and development, roads and footpaths, the landscape and natural features, plus environmental issues.

Residents are also invited to come along to two workshops which will be held in Northney Village Hall, St Peter's Road, on Saturday September 24 and Saturday October 29, both starting at 10.00am. They will be led by Phil Turner of Planning Aid, who has wide experience in the production of Village Design Statements throughout Hampshire.

These workshops are open for anyone in the area to attend and are geared to be interesting, active and practical. Residents can give their views on village design, learn how they can contribute and then go out in groups to survey the area under guidance. Every view counts to make a difference, so please get involved, however little or much time you can spare.

For more information please contact Judith Millman on 023 9246 1802 or Fenella May on 023 9246 0933


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