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UPDATED 3rd December 2020:

For details of all planning applications go to HBC Planning and use the Advanced search tab to find applications by Ward (we are in the East Ward) and your required date range. On this site you can request alerts for an area you are particularly interested in and track applications. Or for details of current applications in our area follow the links below.

It is nearly ten years since the VDS was published. The experience of using it to review and respond to planning applications recently created a discussion as to whether the VDS fully addressed the scenarios encountered and if it is appropriate for addressing future applications. In 2017 the committee discussed and published policy clarification notes, which are consistent with the approach taken over recent years and which also consider potential future scenarios. For details of the clarification notes.

22 Spinnaker Grange - Single storey side extension.

Site of, 19 St Peters Avenue - Construction of new dwelling to replace house demolished under Planning Permission 97/61610/000.

84A Church Road - Crown thin 1No. Oak (T3) by 30%.

Seafield House, Woodgaston Lane - 1No.Oak reduce south sectors to leave crown width of approx 2.8m (measured from centre of stem) and shape into the top; 1No.Oak (within G27) reduce north east / east sectors by 2.8m to leave a crown width of approx 5m (measured from the centre of stem) and shape into the top, remove any dead, crossing or epicormic branches as necessary, subject to TPO 0567 and within G27.

Fieldside, St Peters Road - Part two storey, part single storey extension to include balcony

Beechgrove, St Peters Road - Garage extension and conversion.

Old Workshop, St Peters Road - Erection of garage and wall with associated access to farmyard.

28 Northney Road - Single storey front extension; part single, part two storey rear extension and revised fenestration.

Oakley, Copse Lane - Crown reduce 1No. Oak (T1 on plan) to leave at a standing height of 9m and width of 4m; Remove to ground level 1No. Ash (T2 on plan); Crown reduce 1No. Oak (T3 on plan) to leave main stem at a standing height of 12m and crown width of 5m; Crown reduce 1No. Oak (T4 on plan) sides on north east/ east / south sectors to leave crown width at 4.5m from centre of stem, shape into top of crown; 1No. Lime (T5 on plan) remove 1No. lower branch situated on south west side of stem at 5m from the ground; Remove to ground level 1No. Oak (T6 on plan). All trees subject to Woodland Order 1 of TPO 1878.

Deer View Lodge, Copse Lane - Fell 1No. Ash. Subject to TPO 1170.

Laburnums, St Peters Road - Garage conversion to residential annex for use of main dwelling

Eastney Farmhouse, St Peters Road - Listed Building Consent for amendments to fenestration approved as part of APP/19/00995.

Teal Buildings, Northney Marina - Siting of 3No. storage containers (temporary permission until the 1st February 2021).

Jenai, St Peters Road - Single storey rear extension.

Land adjacent to Mandai, St Peters Road - Use of Land for touring holiday/tourism caravan site and erection of utility block (Resubmission).

Northney Farm, St Peters Road - Retrospective application for agricultural maize silage clamp and 3 metre high walls with safety rail.

23 Spinnaker Grange - Single storey rear extension and timber cladding.

5 Spinnaker Grange - Single storey rear extension with balcony area to first floor.

The Langstone Hotel, Northney Road - Erection of modular clad portable building for health and wellness activities.

Seacrest, Gutner Lane - Garage conversion to annexe. External alterations to main dweling.

Broad Oak, Copse Lane - Erection of boundary fence and 2.No new access/crossovers from Copse Lane.





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